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Chief Technology Officer

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Our Story


While leading the introduction of innovative software solutions in the energy industry as an electrical engineer, product manager and sales and market executive, Victor begin to become more active helping his dad manage his health after type II diabetes began to take a greater toll on his father. It became very clear to Victor that healthcare was not just inefficient, but also ineffective due to the approach and lack of use of technology. As a subject matter expert, he knew that there was a software application that could drastically improve wellness and transform and industry that was taking an approach that Victor deemed as completely reactionary. The analogy that makes Victor's belief comes from the energy industry, where he spend all those years becoming an expert in advanced software applications that are dedicated to protect critical infrastructure. He recognized that it would be ridiculous to let a nuclear reactor start melting down before anyone started to address the issue. This would certainly cause catastrophic failure and loss of life. Instead, nuclear reactors and all critical assets are monitored in real-time and due to our collective understanding of normal modes of operation, we can assess well in advance that there may be a pending issue. This allows us to go in and protect those assets so that we rarely if ever get to the point of catastrophic failure. This happens because we have collected enough information and understanding about energy assets that we know the signatures of very specific modes of abnormalities an can address then with specific and effective treatments. 

Meanwhile, in healthcare, the traditional approach is completely reactionary where we depend on symptoms to prompt our actions of care. This reactionary approach leads to failure that results in 30 million people that die every year due to preventable illnesses and cost our society over $1.4 trillion in cost.  Victor knew there was a better way and was passionately driven bring that solution to life because he feel that no person or family member should have to deal with the pain and suffering caused by preventable illnesses. 

Our Start

Given the passion for helping and his understanding of a better way, Victor started with a feasibility study in January 2015. Based on the results of this study, Victor was confident that the same application that protected critical assets in the energy industry at a 99% success rate, could be developed and applied to protect the human body with similar great results. Victor then set out to recruit other experts to join his efforts, where his former school class mate Dr. Lakiesha Crawford, who is a board certified anesthesiologist not only shored up needed expertise in the medical industry and specifically real-time diagnostics, but she also firmly believed that proactive care using technology would transform the industry and benefit millions of people in the process. In parallel to bring Dr. Crawford onboard, Victor was seeking an industry leader in machine learning, data analytics and AI to round out the leadership team with deep experience in key areas with seasoned leaders. In this process, Mr. Samuel Berestizhevsky a recognized data analytics expert joined the team being drawn to it by the passion and ambition of the team coupled with the capacity and purpose, where he know he could make a difference given his expertise. Together, Victor, Dr. Crawford, & Samuel have worked diligently since 2015 to prove out their concept, and develop a solution that can deliver on the ground-breaking goals that the company was founded with. Real-Time Human Diagnostics (RtHD), will most certainly have an impact in many lives and even in an early stage, the founding team are seeing opportunities that will highlight the innovation that we are bring to transform and industry that needs to be transformed not for the sake of transforming but for the sake of advancing humanity and improving the wellness and quality of life for all.  


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