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Comprehensive Data 

Personal Profile
Blood Work
Medical History

Source Agnostic Data Acquisition 

Wearable Sensors
Mobile Apps
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Xcellent Life Cloud Platform
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The Xcellent Life Cloud Platform was developed with a single purpose in mind, improving human wellness. The platform delivers on this purpose by collecting a comprehensive set of health factors from bio-metric sensors, mobile applications, & software systems. It then uses an advanced methodology for artificial intelligence to understand how those factors are correlated to one another and how they are affecting your health based on on very specific personal marketers like age, sex, medical history, genealogy, lifestyle & environmental factors.  The platform's advanced artificial intelligence engine then assess all those factors, allowing it to provide a real-time human diagnostic assessment to people by way of our mobile application. The Xcellent Life Cloud Platform delivers tomorrow's innovation today. 

Victor L. Brown, CEO

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