The Xcellent Life Cloud Platorm (XLCP) empowers population health by educating people on relevant health related information, analyzing each individual's health and wellness, and promoting behavioral changes that improve their health. The XCLP collects and delivers information via our mobile application, which scores the wellness of each individual and also scores the overall wellness of each group of users. Groups can be customized and created by a systems administrator. The XLCP's advanced artificial intelligence coupled with our activity incentive strategies work to maximize participation, which leads to measurable improvements in population health. 


The Xcellent Life Cloud Platform can empower a researcher's ability to acquire and retain study participants by using predictive analytics to determine who to reach out to because of their higher propensity to participate. Additionally, we engage them in a more personal and compelling way so that they stay in the program. The platform gives researches access to population data and augments the researcher's ability to understand the data by using artificial intelligence to analyze the data and the correlations within the data.



The Xcellent Life Cloud Platform and Mobile app provide healthcare service providers with the ability to better engage their patient base and local community, which drives better outcomes and allows them the ability to grow revenue by having the broader community be more informed of the value that their business brings in their ability to service their health and wellness needs. We turn the community into business advocates and distributors of wellness related content through the gamification of sharing across social media. Simultaneously, our solution makes the shared content clickable, bringing consumers back to a point of the business's doorway to revenue. We empower revenue creation and drive wellness.


Today's most successful companies are recognizing that in a competitive environment, that investing in employee wellness adds tremendous value to their businesses allowing them to maximize their operations. One of the biggest but also controllable cost are the cost associated with covering employee healthcare coupled with the cost of loss production due to employee illness.  The Xcellent Life Cloud Platform drives down the cost of health coverage and improves employee productivity by ensuring they are healthier and more energized using our advanced artificial intelligence to engage and activate their quest for wellness. As a result, employers can realize returns of $3 or more for every $1 dollar invested in their wellness program powered by the Xcellent Life Cloud Platform.

Insurance Agent

Insurer's are challenged with balancing their risk and offering their clients with the absolutely best services at the optimal prices. Our ground-braking predictive algorithms and analysis engine not only can analyze the probability of an event, but also time-to an event that. Our ability to predict time-to-event allows the insurer to offer more personalized advice to their consumer to help mitigate their risk while optimizing the insurers risk strategies. As a result, they can offer a better service to their clients who receive better rates while the insurance company becomes more profitable because they have optimized their rates to mitigate their risks in a highly precise and personalized way.


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